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France in America | The Book

Gary rode his Harley-Davidson on an epic 21,000 miles road trip in 27 states in America. His book ‘France In America’ is about that trip.

Setting out with no intention of writing a book about the trip – but simply enjoying the journey – what started out as a daily blog journal became increasingly popular with readers around the world, and was ultimately transformed into a formidable 400-page coffee-table book: France in America.

The extraordinary 21,000-mile journey to explore the hidden corners of 27 American states unfolds through a down-to-earth record of what he saw, who he met and what he felt on the road, backed up with an impressive photographic inventory. As he clicks up the miles from the New England states, through the Midwest and the Rockies, and closing in the desert states of the Pacific coast, Gary’s thoughts and language become increasingly reflective and vivid as the ‘journey’ progresses – revealing more and more of his internal exploration and steady winding down.

“A Master of the bike ride narrative.” 

The account will resonate with many. Not just those who wish they could make such a once-in-a-lifetime road trip, but also with the many men who have faced the unspoken uncertainties and reassessments of midlife. The essence of that transition is succinctly captured by Gary’s comment to one of the fellow riders he encounters along the road, when he says: “Sometimes it is important to just seize the moment and do what you always wanted to do.”

This is not only a detailed trip guide about where to go and what to see in the US. It is also a personal travel story of one person seizing the moment – a living testimony to the maxim that travel is not so much about the destination as it is about the journey itself. One man living his dream, and carefully cornering through the opportunities that midlife presents.

The photographs below are a selection from the book.  Gary took all of the pictures in the book himself.

“The book is brilliant. Loving it. Don’t tour the US without reading this first. Money very well spent.”

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“Anyone looking to ride cross-country (in the US) could start with this book.”


“It needs to be said that the hardcover issue of this book makes a dramatic presentation as a gift.”


“Another mesmerising re-count of your adventures… more Americans should read what our country looks like through your eyes.”


“… over 400 pages of bliss.”


“Certainly a must read for anyone who loves travels, motorcycles and America!”


“Wonderful, wonderful book Gary. A big plus is learning from you about my own country things I never knew.”


A few of the pictures from the book….