Motorcycle video competition

Got a motorcycle video? If so, we want it.

This competition is for the best motorcycle videos. You can win a Go-Pro camera or a signed copy of Gary’s book, France In America.

We love to see motorcycle videos, be they made by gifted amateurs or seasoned professionals.

We have three categories…
On-board Motorcycle Touring Videos | General Motorcycle Videos | Professional Motorcycle Videos

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Competition rules;

1. This is an annual competition.
2. Entries are open now for the 2013 competition.
3. Entries close at midnight (GMT) on 31st October 2013. Entries received after that date will go into the 2014 competition.
4. Entries can be submitted by anyone, but any prizes will be awarded to the person who made the video.
5. Entries are made by filling in the form on this page.

6. Entries will be allocated by us into one of three categories.
a. Professional motorcycle videos. These are made by professional film makers or videographers.
b. On-board motorcycle videos. Amateur videos that include a considerable amount of material shot from on-board cameras mounted on your bike, helmet etc. We have a preference for touring videos.
c. General motorcycle videos. Amateur videos about any aspect of motorcycles or motorcycling.

7. Videos that are solely about just riding fast, crashes, or racing are not what we are looking for and will not be entered into the competition. We prefer videos that are filmed well, have interesting content, or are filmed in terrific surroundings.
8. All competition entries will be posted onto the ‘Motorcycle Videos’ pages of this website.
9. The top five entries in each category will be selected by a judging panel. The winner in each category will then be chosen by a public vote, in December.

10. Prizes to be awarded;
a. The winner in the On-board motorcycle video category will win the latest Go-Pro camera
b. The winner of the General motorcycle videos category will win a signed copy of Gary’s book, France In America
c. The winner of the Professional motorcycles video category will win the adulation of their peers.

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