About Gary

In a few short years, Gary France’s self-description changed from “Project Management Executive” to “Writer, traveller and motorcyclist, who is happiest when combining all three”. That’s quite a shift, but nevertheless a fairly authentic summary.

Just imagine someone switching from over 30 years of managing and implementing some of the most complex and challenging construction projects in the world, and turning instead to planning and making a road trip on a Harley-Davidson across America. After almost two years of preparation, and not leaving any aspects to chance, his journey began with a head full of details: routes, stop-off points, and names of places he had heard of but had never been to.

But some dimensions of life are not subject to planning. Over the next 20 weeks and 21,000 miles, Gary’s heart progressively took over from his head as he lived out his dream of a lifetime. The experience allowed him to let go of his results-oriented approach, to become the person who relaxed and enjoyed both journeys: the one on the road and the one that saw him changing his life.

Gary owns and rides three motorcycles. He lives close to London, in the United Kingdom. He travels as often and as far as possible on those bikes.