Gary’s motorcycles

Gary considers himself very lucky to have three motorcycles.
The red bike isn’t very practical for long distance touring, but he rides both the other two very long distances.

The Leading Ladies

This was Gary’s first Harley Davidson, a 2006 Road King Classic.  Decorated with the portraits of ten 40’s and 50’s actresses, this bike is called “The Leading Ladies”.  This is the bike that Gary shipped to America and rode 21,475 miles on his long US road trip.  He has also ridden this bike in Andorra, Austria, Croatia, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Spain, and Switzerland.  It is his main touring motorcycle.


Called “Tradewinds” this was built by Waterford Harley-Davidson, this is a long, low and sleek machine with a Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle 110cubic inch / 1800cc engine.  The frame, tank and fenders were made by Paul Yaffe and the motorcycle has won a few custom bikes shows.  Being against the theory that bikes should just be for show, Gary rides this bike regularly.


This is Gary’s latest bike, called “Amelia”.  Originally a standard Harley-Davidson, this motorcycle was created by the Warrs H-D dealership in London, England.  With its 14 inch over standard forks, modified frame and high bars, the bike rides extremely well.  The bike is heavily engraved, by the master engraver Don Blocksidge.  Intended for long-distance riding, Gary has already ridden the motorcycle to Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.  Gary has also ridden this motorcycle over Stelvio Pass, which was an interesting experience!