Motorcycle Touring Guides

An experienced motorcyclist, Gary has undertaken many long-distance bike road trips.  He has written a number of motorcycling guides about various topics relating to such road trips, and these will be progressively published on this page.

These guides are made available free of charge and we hope you find them useful. We use Facebook and Twitter to notify when further guides are published here.  Become friends with Gary on Facebook or follow Gary on Twitter to enable us to do this.


Title: Putting your motorcycle away for winter

Description: Gary sets out his tips for winterising your motorcycle


Title: Tips for motorcycle touring in Europe

Description: Gary sets out his advice for riding motorcycles in Europe


Title: 30 Places to see on a Road Trip in America

Description: Gary lists 30 great places to see in America on a Motorcycle


Title: Gear and packing for a motorcycle road trip

Description: Gary sets out what gear he recommends to take when touring on a motorcycle


Title: Tips for riding motorcycles in the USA

Description: Gary sets out helpful advice for people riding for the first time in the USA


Title: Planning a US road trip by motorcycle

Description: Gary describes various different types of road trip and how to plan them