US Motorcycle Tour Videos

Videos of my US Tour


Title: New York City

Description: Gary riding his Harley around Manhattan in New York City


Title: Arcadia National Park, Maine

Description: Gary and Paul ride around Arcadia National Park, Maine


Title: Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Description: Back roads, sand dunes and P-town feature in this riding video through Cape Cod


Title: Lake Champlain, New York

Description: View of the lake from its west side, in New York state


Title: Niagara, New York

Description: Views of the hugely impressive Niagara Falls


Title: Lagrange and Middlebury, Indiana

Description: Gary rides through Amish communities in Lagrange and Middlebury, Indiana


Title: Mike and Gary ride in Wisconsin

Description: Riding some glorious remote back roads, where seeing other vehicles is rare


Title: On Chris’s Ural

Description: Gary is taken for a ride in the sidecar of a Ural motorcycle, in Minneapolis St Paul, Minnesota.


Title: Night trains in Hyannis, Nebraska

Description: These coal trains ran all night, keeping Gary awake


Title: Badlands National Park

Description: Gary riding through the stunning scenery of the Badlands in South Dakota


Title: Circle View Ranch

Description: The view from the ranch on the edge of the Badlands, South Dakota


Title: Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota

Description: Highway 14A as it twists through the 19 mile gorge


Title: Needles Highway, South Dakota

Description: A stunning road in the Custer State Park, ridden by Gary very early one morning


Title: Iron Mountain Road, South Dakota

Description: Located in the Black Hills of South Dakota, Iron Mountain Road is another classic biking road


Title: Bighorn Scenic Byway, Wyoming

Description: Another great road to ride as it climbs over 5,000 feet


Title: Beartooth Pass, Wyoming and Montana

Description: Voted the best motorcycling road in the USA. Gary loved it!


Title: Bald Mountain, Utah

Description: The view of Bald Mountain, Utah


Title: Rain Ahead

Description: A major rain burst on the road ahead, near Green River, Wyoming


Title: Some of the best roads, on a Harley-Davidson

Description: Riding around an amazing loop road in the Flaming Gorge Recreational Area, Utah, before arriving at the splendour of the Flaming Gorge


Title: Colorado National Monument, Colorado

Description: Riding up and then along the edge of the monuments impressive cliffs


Title: Riding a H-D in the Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Description: Set amongst the splendour of the Rocky Mountains, this video contains something wet!


Title: Golden car cruise

Description: Monthly classic car cruise in the town of Golden, Colorado


Title: Riding the highest road in America

Description: With his friend Dom, Gary rides up to the summit of Mount Evans in Colorado, on the highest paved road in the US


Title: Gary plays monkey again

Description: Gary is taken for a tour of Denver, Colorado, sitting in the sidecar of Dom’s Ural outfit


Title: Wow, what a road!

Description: This is Skyline Drive, Cañon City, Colorado, one of the strangest roads Gary has ever ridden


Title: Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Colorado

Description: More great biking roads around and in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison


Title: Million Dollar Highway, Colorado

Description: One of the most famous biking roads in America


Title: A strange road called Moki Dugway, in Utah

Description: Gary rides a fantastic gravel road, in stunning scenery


Title: Near Groveland, California. A case of the bends?

Description: More like a race track than a public road, Gary rides its 64 bends, five times!