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I think 304 miles is not too bad for an eleven year old, on the back of a bike for the first time.  My step-grandson Talon was in England spending a few weeks with us, and had never been on a motorcycle before.  It was time to put that right.

Five of us met and blasted down to Folkestone on four Harley-Davidson’s where we boarded the train under the sea to Calais in France.  You stay with your bike (or car) as the train goes through the tunnel.  The train takes just 35 minutes to travel under the sea and we arrived in France to a glorious sunny day.  Once off the train, we met up with fifty or so other bikers we knew (this was a H-D chapter ride out).  The ride through France and Belgium is a gentle one, and perfect for just riding and admiring the view, with a few friends. We rode through the two countries, stopping for morning coffee in Beruges.  We arrived in the town of Veurne in Belgium where the plan was to get something to eat in the town square, a picturesque quiet place, where the people of the historic town were already enjoying a peaceful leisurely lunch.  That was, before fifty Harley-Davidson’s arrived!

The ride culminated at a place called the Bikers Loft, a bar, hotel, museum and gathering place for motorcyclists. Some of our group were going to stay the night in the sparse surroundings of the hotel, but our smaller group left early, hoping to catch a train back under the sea at a reasonable hour. We rode alongside Belgium canals, which were straight but contained few cars. Reaching the French border, we resorted to using the motorway, for a blast back to Calais and the tunnel.

We arrived home late-ish, having done 304 miles in one day. Tired. Wet. Cold. But, with big smiles on our faces. Especially Talon.

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