Across Europe to Faaker See | Motorcycle Tour

This was my first long tour on a motorcycle.  An organised road trip by Brettours, we crossed the channel by ferry and rode through France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria and Italy on our way to the Faaker See Rally.  The great thing about these organised tour is you don’t need to worry about routes or how to get there, you don’t need to carry your own luggage, nor do you need to worry about where to stop for lunch or fuel – it is all planned for you.  The only thing you need to concentrate on is having a good time.

The rally at Faaker See in Austria is one of Europe’s largest, located around a lake.  With many different brands of motorcycle, this is a rally not limited to the owners of one make.

We rode over the Alps on our route out and were amazed to be riding in snow – this was one of the years when the first snows of the year came very early and caught us all out.  Almost none of us had bought wet / cold weather gear and we suffered with the bad weather as a result.  Arriving in Austria (a first for me) though saw the weather dramatically improve, much to the relief of all of us.

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