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In need of some winter sunshine, three of us travelled to Cuba for an organised riding tour, with Motorcycle Tours Cuba (  If you are thinking that you might go there soon, Cuba is one of those places you really should visit while Fidel Castro is still alive and while it is still under a Communist regime.  Why?  Because the place will undoubtedly change, become much more modern and lose much of its current charm as capitalism begins to take hold.  However, Cuba is not for those seeking a luxury holiday – the country hasn’t had much investment since the Revolution in 1959 and it shows.  But if you want to see a way of life where the people are happy, well fed and generally healthy, then I suggest you go very soon.

There were three Brits, three Canadians and four Danes on the tour.  The Danish tour company has built a good relationship with the Cuban government and is allowed to temporally import Harley-Davidson motorcycles for a few months each year.  Seeing a new American motorcycle in Cuba is almost unheard of.  The sight of ten or so of us caused quite a stir, wherever we went and a crowd soon gathered around us (actually the bikes).  The tour started and finished in the amazing capital city, Havana.  From there we headed west in a long loop before setting out to the east.  Staying in basic, but perfectly acceptable hotels and eating wholesome and tasty food, the tour was mainly about experiencing the island, its sights and people.  I thoroughly recommend it, but I have a suspicion if you are American, you probably cannot gain entry into the country.

Take a look at my video of the tour to see a little of what the country is like.

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