Portugal with Charlie and Ian | Motorcycle Tour

I rode to Portugal with friend Ian Solley and my son Charlie.  Our destination was the HOG Euro Festival and each of us was riding a custom motorcycle.  Bearing in mind Charlie had only passed his motorcycle test two months earlier, he did brilliantly well.  Each of us had an incident on the way down, with mechanical problems and Ian dropped his bike on a very slippery roundabout.  Unperturbed by these issues, all three of us continued our ride to the south of France, enjoyed the rally and entered our motorcycles in the custom bike competition.  Each of us won our class.  From trouble to success in one step!

The video was made by HOG about the custom bike show.  Charlie is at 1:15 and I am at 3:29……  Sadly, Ian had to leave before the prize giving, but you can see his bike at 0:36  Charlie went up to collect Ian’s prize.

Our HOG Chapter, Chelsea & Fulham held a party for all members at a bar in Marina Cascais, which was a great opportunity for everyone to get together and share their ride down adventures. An incredible one hundred and ten C&F members turned up at the party, which is amazing for an international event. Celebrations at the main party when Harley-Davidson announced that Chelsea & Fulham Chapter were the Euro Chapter Challenge Winners 2012 and to be presented a trophy on the main stage. A brilliant night and a cool rally.

It was certainly a trip to remember and on the way back, I made a short video of my son Charlie on his 22 year old Sportster.

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