Motorcycle Videos we like

Title: RayBan_"Never Hide"

By: Joe Hill

Description: Cool video of a chick riding a cafe racer on a dry lake in southern California. Some nudity.

Title: The World's Most Dangerous Road

By: ARiemann1

Description: This looks like a great road. Would you ride it? Not sure why there is no engine noise.

Title: Babes Ride Out - A Motorcycle Story

By: Various riders

Description: This motorcycle video highlights all sorts of issues for bikers, both good and bad.... parts of it I really like and others....well, not so.....

Title: Motorcycle video, or soft porn?

By: Rodrigo Tuero

Description: You decide. It is from a Mexican motorcycle builder and, well, its different!

Title: Harley tour to HOG rally in Europe

By: Gary France

Description: Nice video showing Tour1 motorcycle tours to Harley-Davidson European rallies.

Title: Gary France and Amelia (Harley-Davidson)

By: Albie Espinola

Description: A very talented artist paints a rider and his chopper

Title: One Heck of a USA Road Trip on a Harley-Davidson

By: Gary France

Description: My own video showing how great a USA road trip on a Harley-Davidson can be.

Title: Panoramica delle Vette

By: bewo69

Description: One of the greatest roads in the world? Maybe the most exciting!

Title: A Cold Morning Vespa Ride

By: Steve Williams

Description: I love the start of this video. I feel for the guy.

Title: Harley-Davidson EuroFestival 2014

By: Michel Never

Description: Wonderful video showing the rally in St Tropez

Title: Ducati Scrambler

By: Ducati Scrambler

Description: It is a dreadful 'trendy' video, but I would still like to ride this bike.

Title: Red Square Chapter, Moto trip USA 2014

By: Gregory Kornilov

Description: Cool video. I bet these guys love to party!

Title: Harley-Davidson Story and History

By: Michael Rose Productions

Description: 45 minute video about the history of Harley-Davidson

Title: Steve Mc Queen riding a Honda CR250M Elsinore

By: Power Products

Description: For a commercial, this is pretty darn good.

Title: Butcher Garage Invader

By: Butcher Garage

Description: I don't own a scooter, but after seeing this one, maybe I should

Title: Harley-Davidson 883 XWL / Warboy on the road

By: RoumoulesPower

Description: Who wouldn't want to ride this classic motorcycle?

Title: Sparkletown


Description: A group of guys out for a ride on their sportsbikes.

Title: Jugowska Pass (Przełęcz Jugowska)

By: LifeWeLove

Description: Ride through Jugowska Pass, the highest pass in the Owl Mountains, Poland.

Title: MotoGP 2014 Best Overtakes (click thru to YouTube)

By: MotoGP

Description: The best moves from the premier class of the MotoGP World Championship in 2014

Title: Jonathan Brand: 3D Printed Motorcycle

By: Ultimaker

Description: A life-size 3D printed 1972 Honda CB500 motorcycle. Yes, printed!

Title: The Story of the Chopper

By: Gestalten

Description: Looks at the history of the chopper

Title: The Art of Bike

By: See See Motor Coffee Co

Description: Funny video about a hipster motorcycle builder.

Title: Jump scene from The Great Escape

By: United Artists

Description: Steve McQueen rides a Triumph TR6 Trophy in this classic motorcycle chase.

Title: HOG Lifestyle

By: Red Square HOG Chapter, Moscow

Description: This HOG Chapter really gets around. See where they have been.

Title: Skyfall - Opening Scene: Motorbike Chase

By: Eon Productions

Description: Classic motorcycle chase scenes through streets and over rooftops.

Title: Today E-04

By: Jon West

Description: Lots of fun riding off-road on dunes.

Title: Triumph Bonneville Solo Female. Riding Across USA

By: ridingacross

Description: This is what motorcycle touring in the USA is all about.

Title: Suzuki GSX-R on Ice

By: StuntFreaksTeam

Description: Racing a Suzuki GSX-R on a frozen lake. Yes, really!

Title: One Vespa Leads To Another

By: Petrolicious

Description: One mans passion for Vespa.

Title: U.S. Army Trains Dispatch Riders

By: Harley-Davidson

Description: Historical H-D video highlights history of bikes dating back to early 1900s.

Title: The Modern Motorcycle Diaries - 500 Days from Alaska to Argentina

By: Alex Chacon

Description: Quite possibly the most impressive motorcycle ride, ever.

Title: Motorcycle Awareness — A Second Look

By: WALicensing

Description: Powerful video about looking out for motorcycles.

Title: 11 Months, 3000 pictures and a lot of coffee.

By: Chris Herridge

Description: Its not a motorcycle engine, but a cool video anyway.

Title: North Korean Motorcycle Diaries

By: Joanne and Gareth Morgan

Description: A very different type of motorcycle tour, through North Korea.

Title: Trials Motorcycle on a Roller Coaster

By: Red Bull

Description: Is this guy crazy, or just doing what many of us secretly wish we could do?

Title: Scratching in the Dirt featuring Guy Martin

By: Giles Burris

Description: About flat track racing for crazy beginners.

Title: V7settembre

By: Filippo B

Description: Stylish video about a Moto Guzzi V7 850 GT

Title: Man Pulls Yoga Poses On Speeding Bike

By: Barcroft TV

Description: A dad performs yoga stunts on his motorcycle.

Title: Look At Life - Behind The Ton Up Boys 1964

By: Rank

Description: An excellent video from The Rank Organisation from 1964 looking at the motorcycle culture and the 59 Club in England.

Title: Harley-Davidson 'Santa's Elves'

By: Moo Studios

Description: Not your average Christmas message.

Title: Harley-Davidson Sportster 48 Bobber - Part 1

By: Nick Perri

Description: How to video - converting a stock H-D Sportster into a retro bobber.

Title: Motorcycle Travel Through South America

By: tobiasgraaf

Description: I love this video as it shows what motorcycle touring is all about.

Title: Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance Run

By: Kevin Lorden

Description: Crossing the USA on a vintage motorcycle. Yes please!

Title: I come home and my dad is doing this I swear he's a child

By: yosip1115

Description: I so want to try this!

Title: Hand-made Motorcycle Fenders

By: Cooper Smithing Co

Description: Once you get past the trendy filming style, this is a great video about hand made fenders.

Title: The Fastest thing on two wheels

By: Top Cameraman

Description: Yep, it is worth waiting for, or skip to near the end for amazing acceleration.

Title: Dean Ural Commercial

By: Ural Motorcycles

Description: Unusual commercial featuring an older Ural motorcycle.

Title: Motorcycling around the world with Steph Jeavons

By: HondaVideo

Description: Steph is riding a 250cc Honda around the world, solo. This is an update of where she has gone so far.

Title: How and Why Motorcycle Lane Splitting is Safe and Good

By: Ride Apart

Description: A video that shows why lane splitting / filtering is a good idea for all road users.

Title: Harley-Davidson Project LiveWire - Jay Leno's Garage

By: Jay Leno's Garage

Description: Jay Leno rides and gives views on Harley-Davidsons electric bike

Title: Morocco - A Motorcycle Road trip

By: Paul Leeson

Description: 3 bikes, 2,600 miles, 6 days riding the mountains and deserts of wonderful Morocco.

Title: Lucky Riders

By: Imogene + Willie

Description: A group of guys riding old motorcycles (Indians?) In Tennessee.

Title: Baja in 6 days

By: Jamie Robinson

Description: Jamie rides a Ducati Diavel Strada the length of Baja, Mexico.

Title: Big Sur - Moto Guzzi V7 Racer - MotoGeo Adventures

By: Jamie Robinson

Description: Jamie rides a Guzzi V7 cafe racer down Highway 1 in California.

Title: Are Motorcycles Worth the Risk?

By: eveRide ADV

Description: I really enjoy th epowerful messages in this video about motorcycling.

Title: St Tropez Road Trip

By: Paul Leeson

Description: The 'Sons OF Democracy' took to a wild motorcycle road trip to St Tropez. This is their film.

Title: Off-road riding virgins

By: Gary France

Description: My own video about a group of us off-roading for the first time.

Title: The Delivery

By: Chris Ferguson

Description: Nice video made for Old Empire Motorcycles showing the delivery of a custom motorcycle to the south of France.

Title: The women's motorcycle exhibit

By: Lanakila MacNaughton

Description: Chicks on bikes - cool or just art BS?

Title: Thunderbike @ Faaker See European Bike week 2014

By: Thunderbike

Description: German custom bike builder, Thunderbike at the 2014 European Bike Week in Faaker See.

Title: When You Were Young?

By: Trevor Ware

Description: One of the coolest bike trip videos ever made. Trevor was later hit by a drunk driver and sadly seriously injured.

Title: Highest Road In The World

By: GoPro

Description: A GoPro promotion video, but very cool anyway. Riding in India.

Title: Peter Hickman Superbike Lap

By: Drift

Description: Make your motorcycle videos better by moving the camera. Like this!

Title: Wheels & Waves x Loser Machine

By: Douglas Guillot

Description: A group of guys in France ride their motorcycles in the winter.

Title: Spain - Ducati Multistrada - MotoGeo Adventures

By: Jamie Robinson

Description: This is Jamie riding through Spain, on-road and off.

Title: London to Rome H-D 110th Rally

By: Gary France

Description: My own video about riding to Rome and back from London, for a H-D Rally.

Title: Hanni El Khatib - Family

By: Noisey

Description: Hilarious motorcycle video from Japan, featuring nudity and white underpants!

Title: BMW F800GS adventure touring around Europe

By: TheWugla

Description: This video gives a good idea about what touring in France is like.

Title: Passo San Boldo

By: Mandie778

Description: Video of riding the San Boldo Pass in central Italy. What a road!

Title: Flyin' High In Oregon

By: Ray Gordon

Description: Cool video about having fun in the sun.

Title: Riding September

By: Hysteric Studios et Blitz Motorcycles

Description: It's simple. It's just about some guys going for a ride.

Title: Seamus Moore - My Little Honda 50

By: The JCB Man

Description: Amusing Irish song about a 50cc Honda.

Title: Moving Westward

By: Genteel Crafts

Description: Short video about riding on the Bonneville Salt Flats

Title: The Modern Motorcycle Diaries

By: Alex Chacon

Description: 503 days, 82,459 miles, 22 countries, 1 man. A great touring video.

Title: Addiction

By: Paul Leeson

Description: Video of a European Motorcycle Road Trip through 7 Countries in one week.

Title: It's Better In The Wind

By: Scott Toepfer

Description: Great video about travelling around the western states of the USA.

Title: TVC


Description: Similar to the 'Long Live The Kings' video, this shows three guys riding street BMW's off-road.

Title: Riding a Honda C90 motorcycle through the Arctic Circle in Winter

By: c90 adventures

Description: Completely mad, or utterly brilliant? You decide.

Title: Living Lost: Photographs by Josh Kurpius | Harley-Davidson Museum

By: Harley-Davidson

Description: Art exhibition at the Harley-Davidson Museum.

Title: Harley vs. Indian: The Great Race 2013 (Australia)

By: Stephen Little

Description: The Indian vs Harley Great Race is a navigation, reliability, and time-trial event. This year the event was based in Jinabyne NSW.

Title: Salmon River Road - Northern California

By: Ezekiel2000

Description: Riding along the narrow Salmon River Road in California, with its cliffs and ledges.

Title: MotoGeo Adventure - Night Rider

By: motogeo

Description: Not all motorcycle adventures have to mean thousands of miles and weeks on the road. Some just happen on an evening as you take an indirect path to meet a friend for dinner.

Title: Dirty Old Times - Teaser 2

By: Over/Easy Films

Description: Teaser for a documentary

Title: A Moto Food Fantasy

By: See See Motor Coffee Co.

Description: Is this the most crazy motorcycle video you have ever seen?

Title: Young Spirits, Belgian Classic TT 2012

By: Tim Buys

Description: Wonderfully filmed video of vintage racing motorcycles.

Title: New York City in snow on a motorcycle

By: nick2ny

Description: Riding a 1980 Honda Cub in snow in NYC.

Title: Alpinestars Adventure Africa: Extended

By: Jamie Robinson

Description: 2 Brits and 3 Italians decided to meet up in Johannesburg, hire motorbikes and embark on the ultimate African motorcycle adventure. Features the ever happy Jamie!

Title: Cafe Cowboy

By: Benedict Campbell

Description: A Film about Dustin Kott,

Title: Muddy Friends - La Sale ballade

By: Emmanuel Grajales

Description: Getting dirty with friends. How to get your motorcycle very muddy indeed.

Title: I.D.W.P - Spring / Summer 2012

By: EdwinEurope

Description: Cool video of friends out riding together, set to a simple song.

Title: A trip to Death Valley

By: Samarawickrama

Description: Part of a motorcycle world tour, in Death Valley, this is a guy having a great time off road!

Title: Schwarzer Wald

By: Matthias Delay

Description: A ride in the Blackforest (Germany).

Title: Waiting Out Winter

By: Andrew David Watson

Description: This is what we all should be doing while waiting for winter to end.

Title: Shinya Kimura

By: Adam Richards

Description: Beautifully hand-made custom motorcycles. A video about Shinya Kimura.

Title: Adventure Touring bikes review

By: Motor Trend Channel

Description: Perhaps one of the best motorcycle review videos we have ever seen.

Title: Built not Bought | RB Kustoms

By: Paul Leeson

Description: A short video looking at RB Kustom bike builders, in the UK

Title: Trip to my dads memorial bench

By: Kevin Lear

Description: Kevin rides on a cold January day to see his dads memorial bench

Title: Alan and Stefan - The Gearheads

By: Helmboots

Description: What could be better than two guys just sitting around, talking about motorcycles and life?

Title: Ivan Cervantes - Ride on Water

By: Red Bull

Description: Ivan Cervantes shows you how to ride a motorcycle on top of water.

Title: Ride Safe

By: Meddes

Description: Interesting video combining sports bikes and a powerful speech. Very unusual.

Title: 59 Club UK Film Ton Up Boys

By: The Rank Organisation

Description: 1960's video about the 59 Club. A great look back at biking nostalgia.

Title: The Royal Racer in Biarritz

By: Royal Racer

Description: Some very cool motorcycles and cars in this moody B&W video

Title: A Day in the Life

By: Metal305

Description: Take a look at a day in the life of Miami’s vintage motorcycle scene.

Title: The Bike Shed Event II October 2013

By: Memory Lapse

Description: Cool Cafe Racers and flat trackers at Bike Shed Event II

Title: Ural Motorcycles

By: Taylor Morgan

Description: Nice video of the Russian made motorcycle with a sidecar outfit.

Title: One Crazy Ride

By: Dirt Track Productions

Description: A motorcycle expedition on uncharted roads across the Himalayan state of Arunachal Pradesh, situated in North-east India.

Title: Essence and Refinement

By: Graham Kuhn

Description: Very nicely shot video of riding older motorcycles.

Title: Ten Thousand Miles Across America

By: The Shifty Drifter

Description: Slideshow video of one guys epic ride across the USA

Title: 15 year old, Victoria Pearce, First Time on a Harley-Davidson

By: motorman857

Description: 4'11" and just 15 years old, this girl handles a heavy Harley-Davidson better than most experienced riders.

Title: Dirty Toys

By: karimrejeb

Description: Cool animation about motocross

Title: Escapism

By: Barry Munsterteiger

Description: Beautifully shot video of a Ducati on the open road.

Title: Rome Police Hold Anniversary-1953

By: Unknown

Description: An amazing video showing the Italian police motorcycle team.

Title: Sons of Democracy, pt 1.

By: Paul Leeson

Description: Ten friends on a motorcycle road trip over the Alps to get to St Tropez, in southern France, part 1.

Title: Wheels and Waves

By: Green Films

Description: Vintage motorcycle as they should be - being ridden.Plus a few cars too.

Title: Iron & Resin : 2013 Spring Lookbook Video

By: Scott Toepfer

Description: Part surfing, part motorcycles on the beach. Fun.

Title: Romeo 80 | Backstreet Heroes Photo Shoot

By: Paul Leeson

Description: Photoshoot of a custom BMW motorcycle.

Title: Harley-Davidson Rally

By: TheCycleHeart

Description: Not sure where in Europe this is, but there sure are a lot of Harley's at this rally!

Title: Kerri Cameron: Wall of Death Rider

By: Somethin' Else Sound Directions Limited

Description: Kerri Cameron is the only female Wall of Death rider in the world.

Title: Long live the Kings

By: Clement Beauvais and Arthur de Kersauson

Description: Short documentary shot on super 16mm relating the hopes and desires of those who go for a motorcycle road trip.

Title: I bought my Husband a Harley

By: SoulSurvivorX2

Description: Who wouldn't want a wife like this? Beautiful, knows about bikes and buys them for her husband!

Title: Harley-Davidson Vintage Pinups

By: Infektid

Description: Pictures of pinups sitting on Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Title: Dream Rangers

By: Ogilvy Taiwan

Description: Touching video about a group of elderly men who relive their earlier motorcycling years.

Title: That's A Man's Corner

By: Various (compilation)

Description: Cool video about motorbike racing from the Isle of Man TT.

Title: Making Mustang Motorcycle Seats

By: Mustang Seats

Description: Al Simmons, who founded Mustang in 1980, tells a brief history of Mustang and how they make their seats.

Title: Betsy Huelskamp - Vidiot.

By: Betsy Huelskamp

Description: Interesting video about a US biker chick Betsy Huelskamp, talking about her motorcycling.

Title: World tour on a BMW motorcycle in 3 minutes

By: Miquel Silvestre

Description: Miquel Silvestre rides the whole world on a GS 1200 BMW Motorcycle in just 3 minutes and a half.

Title: Cañón del Pato, Peru

By: James Cole

Description: Off road riding through a spectacular canyon in Peru.

Title: Chris & Donna's Blue Ridge Parkway Trip

By: Chris Ehlbeck

Description: Slide show compilation set to local music of an "end to end" Blue Ridge Parkway vacation.

Title: Best of Hogsback 2011

By: Axel Bleiglass

Description: Axel shows us a year in pictures of a UK HOG Chapter

Title: How to drift a Harley on snow

By: crazyd877

Description: Amazing video of riding a Harley-Davidson on snow and drifting the rear wheel.

Title: Frozen Lake Ride

By: Chris Luhman

Description: Chris rides his Ural sidecar outfit on Long Lake in Minnesota

Title: Left Side Story

By: Toru Tanida

Description: Moving video about double amputee Alan Kempster, who races motorcycles!

Title: The Norton Project

By: Jamtron

Description: This is a story about how two guys had their fathers 1969 Norton Commando restored.

Title: Finding Elvis - A 1900 mile road trip

By: Paul Leeson

Description: Paul and his friends ride to St Tropez in France

Title: Motorcycle Touring in Europe

By: 08Vant

Description: 4 Friends - 4 Bikes - 5 Countries - 12 Days - 5000km

Title: Touring New Zealand by Harley-Davidson with Bularangi Motorbikes

By: Bularangi Motorbikes

Description: Motorcycling video about organised touring of New Zealand by Harley-Davidson®, that shows a lot of what the country has to offer.

Title: 2 Chicks on 2 Harleys

By: Mary O

Description: Riding in some of the best areas in the USA, in NM, AR, UT seeing many national parks.

Title: BMW F650GS Motorcycle touring Iceland, part 1

By: Darren950

Description: Very well made video about off-road touring in Iceland

Title: Stelvio: Hot Brakes and Hairpins

By: Motorcycle Europe

Description: Shows riding one of the best biking roads in Europe.

Title: Lone Star Rally 2012

By: Rex Covington

Description: Rex shows us around the Lone Star Rally, in Galveston, Texas.

Title: Harley-Davidson Super Rally, Greece 2010

By: fistaounas

Description: Thousands of Harley's ride over a bridge in Greece

Title: Taking on Kunzum La in the Himilayas

By: Manish Chachra

Description: Video of riding in the Himalayas, summiting a mountain pass, the Kunzum La @ 4551m / 14,931 feet

Title: Riding in San Francisco

By: Rick Franco

Description: Rick takes us for a ride around some of the well known sights of San Francisco.

Title: Motorcycle Garage Door Opener

By: PhotoAndVideoLog

Description: This is a classic. Brilliant idea!

Title: Rode Safely, Liverpool 1955

By: Victor Horsman

Description: Motorcycle safety video from 1955. It makes fascinating viewing.

Title: Motorcycle Tour of the Alps

By: Brian Kennedy

Description: Brian rides around the Alps in some stunning mountain scenery.

Title: Lucky B@S&*rds Motorcycle Tour - Part 2

By: Jamie Robinson

Description: Jamie continues his European tour in France, Spain, Italy and Austria. Plus he meets his friend and 5 times world champion, Max Biaggi.

Title: Motorcycle touring on 125cc bike: Part 1

By: Nathan Whitworth

Description: Nathan buys his first bike - a 20 year old 125cc and immediately goes touring!

Title: Motorcycle Trip - 1 girl, 1 bike, 1 ride 67 days

By: Elliott Ell

Description: In the Summer of 2010, Elliott sold everything he had and rode 10,450 miles around North America, in 67 days.

Title: Lucky B@S&*rds Motorcycle Tour - Part 1

By: Jamie Robinson

Description: Start of a 3 week motorcycle adventure tour around Europe, on a Yamaha Super Tenere

Title: Tail of the Dragon

By: Lone Star Rider

Description: Riding the famous Tail Of The Dragon, Highway 129 in North Carolina and Virginia, with 318 bends in 11 miles.

Title: Motorcycle Road Trip

By: alifeinspired

Description: A 10 day, 2,000 mile motorcycle road trip through the southern states of the USA

Title: The other kind: Motorcycle tour USA

By: Gregory Schilling

Description: Many stills threaded together to form a video, this shows pictures of a motorcycle tour of the USA

Title: Tips and tricks for traveling on a motorcycle abroad

By: Chris Sorbi

Description: Tips about what gear to carry on a long adventure motorcycle tour.

Title: Sun Sea and Tequllia

By: Paul Leeson

Description: Devon Road trip

Title: Florida Coast 2 Coast motorcycle ride - GL1800

By: James Scott

Description: Seven hours of motorcycle riding from Tampa to Daytona Beach, Florida, in less than 13 minutes.

Title: Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Ride, Key Largo to Key West

By: Gnarly-Davidson NYC

Description: Harley Davidson Ride from Key Largo, FL to Key West FL, on a Deluxe and a Fatboy

Title: 2011 Cross Country Motorcycle Trip HD

By: Jeff Skop

Description: Video montage of a motorcycle trip using a GoPro camera from in 2011